Lepro N1 AI Smart Neon Light Review

If you’ve got a bare plain wall or corner that feels a bit dark and empty, filling it with a light or even better, a light mixed with art is a great idea. There are places in my home where I don’t mind something blending in during the day. But come nighttime, it’s nice to light up the space in a unique way.

Say goodbye to the live laugh love-esque neon lights, nobody wants those. Instead, create an artistic shape with a rope light to add attention to a space. They’re extremely versatile and a fun way to add a bit of personality to your room.

I’ve been testing out the brand new N1 AI Smart LED Neon Rope Light from Lepro. I had not heard of this brand before they contacted me however, they’ve been around for over 10 years in the lighting space. Not only do they sell fun smart lights for the home, but they’re also in the commercial space – which gives them plenty of experience in creating top-quality lighting for the home.

Lepro N1 Smart AI Neon Light on wall in swirly style.
Lepro N1 Smart AI Neon Light on staircase bannsiter.
The Lepro N1 is ontop of the bannister and much more powerful than my LED lights below from another brand

What’s inside the box?

These lights are well packaged and it’s good to see limited plastic packaging inside. Other smart light manufacturers should take note of this!

I’m impressed with the build quality of the lights themselves. The rope light itself is flexible and is designed to lay flush on the wall. Therefore, the light shines at 180 degrees from the sides and out into the room. Trying to wrap these around a post might be a little difficult, but you’ll miss out on the good design features if you do.

It comes with a normal 3-pin power adapter and a bag full of fixtures to clip the rope light to. You can affix these with the included 3M strips (great if you’re renting) or by using the provided plugs and screws for a more permanent fixture. At the moment, I’ve used Sellotape to hold the clips on – shhhh, it’s only while I test different locations and styles.

At the end of the light is the main connection point which houses the Wifi and Bluetooth parts. Plus there’s a large power button. It’s not hugely difficult to hide away, but you can tuck this out of sight.

The rope light itself is a nice milky white colour which easily blends into a white wall when switched off. When switched on, the lights give a nice even glow across the entire rope light. You won’t see any individual LED modules here. This feels and looks much more premium than the cost.

Setup and the app

I’m seriously impressed with the ease of setup of the Lepro AI Smart LED Neon Rope Light. Compared to other smart home products I’ve had in the past, this was swift, easy and I had no problems connecting it to my home’s WiFi. This connected like a breeze and I was up and running in no time!

The app has a built-in advanced AI algorithm which can create lighting moods for you, alongside the usual manually controlled light options. You can say “warm white” and the lights turn warm white. From there, you can adjust all kinds of things such as animation of the lights and brightness.

If you’re hosting a party, you can say “party mode” and they’ll create party-esque lighting. Other phrases like “I’m watching a movie” or “DIY purple and blue” will change and adapt the lights.

The AI feature is very cool and easy to create scenes. However, some manual “themes” of lighting would be a useful addition. You can of course create your own favourites, but some pre-designed ideas would be great to choose from.

Firstly, I tried these at the top of my stairs in a wavy design. These look great and light up a dull space in the evenings. Then I tried these along the top of my bannister so they were slightly hidden, lighting up the wall – this looked perfect.

These lights are extremely versatile and yes you may have seen them in the background of so many gaming setups. But they’re not just for gamers!

If you’ve got some architectural pieces that need accentuating, this is great and flexible to fit into the space. Arches on either side of the fireplace? This will fit snuggly around it. If you want to light the top of the wardrobe or some cabinets, these can easily be placed on top.

Final verdict

If you’re seeking a smart rope light to create an artistic display on your wall, these are perfect. If you’re looking to subtly place lights somewhere in your home and have a unique way of controlling them, these will also fit the bill.

I’m very impressed with the Lepro AI Smart LED Neon Rope Light and can recommend this light for your home. I’m looking forward to testing another set of lights I have from Lepro, so please keep an eye out for that review.

The 3-metre variant is priced at £39.99. It’s available from the official Lepro website: lepro.co.uk and it’s also available on Amazon: amazon.co.uk

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