Home Technology Christmas Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t love a bit of technology for the home? From smart lights to the remote controls, this post is packed full of home technology Christmas gift ideas – perfect for new homeowners.

I’ve rounded up my favourites in all different technology categories throughout the home. Quite a lot of these items are actually on my Christmas list this year as I love them so much. Let me know in the comments below if you have any home tech you can’t live without!

Sonos One | Homeware Technology Gift List
Sonos One, £199, sonos.com

I first fell in love with Sonos speakers when I stayed in a log cabin and it had the speakers dotted everywhere. It was so good to be able to play music in all different rooms at the same time. I don’t have a set of my own – yet!

The Sonos One speaker is definitely a gift anyone would love. It’s a smart speaker which features Amazon Alexa voice control built right in. It can do everything that Alexa can do, with all the top benefits of Sonos.

I love how the Sonos system is easily set up and expandable. If you’ve got one, you can buy another and sync them together creating a full stereo sound. Each speaker features class-D amplifiers and custom-built drivers to create an incredibly rich sound.

Freesat Manhattan | Homeware Technology Gift List
Manhattan SX Freesat HD, £49.99, manhattan-tv.com / Buy online from Argos

This is one gift that is perfect for anyone that has moved in a new home! The Manhattan SX Freesat HD is a tiny set-top box that lets you tap into a world of entertainment. Simply plug this box into your existing satellite dish and you can be up and running quickly.

The great-looking interface has an 8-day TV guide, detailed programme information and many more features. There are plenty of HD channels so you can enjoy top TV in stunning HD and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. The Manhattan SX also upscales SD channels, making them look better than ever.

Freesat offers over 200 TV channels from drama and entertainment, to comedy, film and so much more. You’ll also have access to hundreds of hours worth of entertainment On Demand from top networks. The set-top box features built-in WiFi for software updates and for apps such as YouTube.

LOGITECH Harmony Elite Remote Control | Homeware Technology Gift List
Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, £199, Currys PC World

If you’ve got many smart home products dotted around the house and you want an easy way to control them all, the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control is perfect. Ideal for those moments when your phone is charging in another room and you don’t want to leave the sofa – we’ve all been there!

This sleek remote features a colour touchscreen and motion-sensing backlit keys. No longer do you need to search on your phone for the correct app associated with a particular device. The remote works with over 270,000 entertainment and smart home devices. From controlling your TV and cable box to your Sonos and Amazon Fire TV. This is one remote you’ll soon not be able to live without.

You can set up specific activities which you can enable with a simple tap. Harmony Activities are great for things such as movie nights. With one tap you can lower the blinds, dim the lights, switch on the TV and get started.

I’m a big fan of Logitech products and have quite a few of them. I have an older generation remote and it was so easy to set up with TV and audio equipment. I bet this one is much easier and packed with even more tech!

Lightwave Radiator Valve | Homeware Technology Gift List
Lightwave Smart Radiator Valve, £54.99, lightwaverf.com

One device that is incredibly useful for the winter is the Smart Radiator Valve by Lightwave. I look at the thermostat on my radiators and think, what number should they really be on. Should it be on 3, 4 or the snowflake?

These devices replace the conventional radiator valve and enable you to control the temperature of a specific room. Using the app, you can control the exact temperature of the room and set up schedules. Ideal for setting your room at a warmer temperature in the morning, to help you get out of bed and a little cooler in the evening.

The Smart Radiator Valves require the Link Plus for operation. This means the valves have great range and often outperforms most Wi-Fi routers. Mix these devices up with a Boiler Switch or Home Thermostat and you’ve got a fully smart heating system with zone temperature control!

Google Home Hub | Homeware Technology Gift List
Google Home Hub, £139, Currys PC World

The release of the Google Home Hub reminds me of those digital photo frames back in the day, remember those? However, these this by no means is just a little screen to display holiday snaps. The Google Home Hub is packed full of the latest technology and of course the fantastic Google Assistant.

We’ve featured voice assistance speakers here in the past, however, this one features a 7″ touchscreen display. It also includes an Ambient EQ Light Sensor, so it will dim the screen when the surroundings are dark. With the two far-field microphones, simply say “Hey Google” and the Google Assitant will be available to help.

The screen is great for controlling all your smart home devices from the dashboard. You won’t find a camera on this which makes it ideal for putting on your bedside table. Enjoy music whilst you’re getting ready, the latest YouTube video or relive the moment with some of your holiday pictures on Google Photos.


TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug | Homeware Technology Gift List
TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug HS100, £29, tp-link.com / Buy online from Currys PC World

No technology wishlist is complete without a smart plug. My absolute favourite and the only type of smart plug I own is the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug by TP-Link. With these plugs, you don’t need a hub. Simply plug in, connect via the app and they’ll connect to your Wi-Fi. Easy!

The plugs look great and are incredibly useful for controlling a multitude of devices. I have a fair few dotted around the home and also one in the office that controls the heater. With all of them synced up to my Google Assistant and also Amazon Alexa, I can easily control with my voice.

All smart plugs can be controlled from the Kasa app. This app is great for setting up schedules (which I use for the heater in the office) and controlling the devices when you’re out and about. There’s also an away mode which turns the device on and off at different times, which gives the appearance of someone at home.

Blink Camera on Wall | Homeware Technology Gift List
Blink One Camera System, £129.99, blinkforhome.co.uk

There are many reasons why people have cameras set up at home these days. From just seeing who’s at your front door, checking on your furry friends or for general security purposes. With so many on the market, it can be a nightmare which to choose, especially if you rent your home.

Blink is easy to set up and an affordable camera which can be fitted temporarily if you wish. The best part, there’s no subscription fees or data storage charges. Now that’s what we like to see!

What makes this camera unique is that it’s completely battery powered and wire-free. Place the indoor version inside your home wherever you wish. You won’t be forever changing batteries either as it has a two-year battery life on standard AA lithium batteries.

The camera is motion-triggered and starts recording in HD. With the app installed, you’ll receive instant alerts and you can view a live feed of the camera from the app.

Brushless Combi Drill kit | Homeware Technology Gift List
Ryobi One+ 18V Brushless Hammer Drill (tool only), £115, homebase.co.uk

If you’re a first-time buyer and about to do-up your home, a drill is something that will definitely come in handy! Walk into Homebase and you’ll be inundated with different types of drills for all different projects. Pretty overwhelming!

I’ve discovered the Ryobi One+ range of power tools. One of the best features of this range is the battery which can be used on all different tools in the range. From gardening tools and vacuums to sanders and drills. In fact, the battery can be used on over 70+ tools for the home and garden.

To start things off, I’d recommend getting a drill and a battery. The brushless drill is good for wood, metal and even drilling into masonry. The brushless technology uses patented electronics which delivers more runtime and power than an ordinary drill. It also features LED lights to light up your work area.

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