Welcome to In Two Homes, a homeware, design and interiors blog aimed at renters and first-time buyers. I’m Ricky, with a keen interest in everything home. I’ve got endless amounts of magazines and could spend a very long time in Homesense or IKEA!

Every month, I share the latest on-trend homeware from online retailers and high street brands. My ethos is finding the latest styles at affordable prices. Yes, you may find the odd high priced item featured, but I believe treating yourself to something expensive (which will last a long time) every now and then isn’t an issue!

From soft furnishings to the latest dinnerware, you’ll find what’s on-trend and at a reasonable budget. If you’re a student looking to do-up your uni place, just moved into your first rented house or even still at living at home, you’ve come to the right place.

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