Slumberdown Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets have become increasingly popular recently. People have been slowly discovering the benefits of deep pressure therapy and how it can help in our busy everyday lives. If you’re looking for a way to improve your sleep, reduce anxiety or simply relax, a weighted blanket may be perfect.

The team at Slumberdown very kindly reached out to me earlier this year and sent me their new weighted blanket for me to review. These are my thoughts and my experience with using this blanket and how it has helped me relax.

Benefits of weighted blankets

Weighted blankets are pretty much that, a blanket that is weighted. Inside the blanket are multiple square pockets stitched with glass beads, pellets or another type of weighted material encased inside. The weight of the blanket provides a deep pressure sensation across the entire body that can be soothing and calming.

With so many benefits to weighted blankets, here are just a few top benefits…

Helps you relax: Whether you’re simply using one on its own or alongside a meditation app like Headspace, the even pressure across your body is unique and can help you relax.

Improved sleep: Weighted blankets can help to improve sleep quality by reducing tossing and turning and promoting more restful sleep.

Reduced anxiety: The deep pressure sensation of a weighted blanket can help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Grey weighted blanket being used on a sofa.

Slumberland Weighted Blanket

The Slumberland Weighted Blanket is filled with glass microbeads spread evenly across the entire blanket. This gives it a nice weight of 7kg. It’s a nice weight and doesn’t feel too heavy, but just perfect to lie down with.

The size is ideal too, sized at 150x200cm. I find when blankets are too big, they’re. a bit annoying to fold up and put away. I don’t have this out all the time, so it’s usually folded up on a footstall.

Light grey weighted blanket by Slumberdown, draped over a dark grey sofa.

I’ve been impressed with this blanket and feel it has helped me to relax and settle down when using the meditation app on my phone. If you’re new to weighted blankets, it may feel a bit odd to start. But it’s a sensation that you get used to and enjoy.

Slumberdown Wellbeing Weighted Blanket, £54,

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