4Lite Portable Table Lamp Review

Lighting up dark corners of your home can sometimes be challenging to achieve even more so if you don’t have a power socket nearby. This is where rechargeable portable lights come in handy, but are they any good? I’ve always wondered that and coincidently the team at 4Lite reached out to see if I wanted to test their new table lamp.

The 4Lite portable LED table lamp is a versatile and stylish light that can be used indoors or outdoors. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, so you can take it wherever you go. The lamp has a touch-sensitive dimmer, so you can adjust the light output to suit your needs. It also has a colour-changing mode, so you can create a variety of moods.

Warm white portable table light on a desk next to a gaming computer.
Portable table lamp in a kitchen.

Design of the table lamp

There are so many good-looking rechargeable table lamps. I’ve seen so many on Instagram that I swoon over. This table lamp is well and truly one to admire. It features a simple minimalist design and comes in both matt black and white. With its simple minimalist design, it can easily blend into a variety of backdrops.

When you hold the light, you can feel the quality. It’s made from metal but is fairly lightweight, making it very easy to move around as you wish. You don’t need to touch a lamp all the time but I’m very impressed with how good it does feel.

White metal portable tamp lamp on a bedside table with a modern wood slat headboard.
Colour-changing white metal table lamp sitting on a gaming PC setup.

Lighting functions

The light is operated from the touch-sensitive top of the lamp. One tap of the power switches the light to white. To adjust the brightness, simply hold the power button and you can adjust the brightness.

Another tap of the power button or the colour ring activates the colour mode. There are 256 colours to choose from, so you can choose the perfect colour to suit your mood.

Overall, the light emitted is fairly bright, enough for you to read a book whilst sitting next to it. It dims to a very nice level too which makes it ideal for ambient lighting. I find it helpful to reduce eye strain whilst sitting at my desk on the computer in the evenings.

Battery-powered white metal table lamp on bedside table.

Battery and charging

Charged by USB C, the 4Lite Portable Table Light features an internal battery. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time to charge, but using the light on white can give you around 4-6 hours of continuous use. This jumps up to 12 hours when using the RGB colour mode.

For me, I think the battery lasts a decent amount of time. I did switch it onto the dimmest white light in the evening and forgot about it until the morning. It was still giving off some light, yet very dim. But it was impressive!


This is a brilliant light if you’re looking for somewhere to brighten without any power sockets. It’s rechargeable via USB C and the light lasts for many hours. The top of the light is touch sensitive so you can easily control the brightness and also the colour of the light. I’ve been moving it to different locations in my home and it’s perfect! Search “4Lite Portable LED Lamp” on Amazon. I definitely recommend this! #ledlights #tablelamp #indoorlighting #indoorlight #interiordesign #modernlight #batterylight #minimalisthome

♬ Vertigo – Griff

This minimalist and stylish portable light is my new favourite. It looks great, is simple to use and lights up the darkest spaces nicely.

For further information on the 4Light Portable Table Lamp and to buy online, visit amazon.co.uk

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