February Favourites

Well I think I speak for most of us (in the UK) when I say what a weird old month February was with that snowy ending. Just as we started getting excited for all that spring sunshine I found myself blasting my heating and panic ordering electric blankets for bedtime (FYI, do it, it’s life changing). Now that spring has started to show some signs of appearing it is making me excited for March. What better way to kick it off then showing some of the things that have caught my eye during February!

April and the Bear Pink Magazine Rack
April and the Bear

I’m always looking for things to make my walls more interesting. Currently my walls are painfully bare and I just can’t seem to decide on the right things to go up. This would be so lovely to have in my future home office. I have a pretty hefty stationary collection (it’s an addiction) and would love to display those notebooks that are just too pretty to write in. This was also my first time coming across this lovely brand from Ireland – they are definitely worth checking out!

AUDENZA White Marble Shelf with brackets

Whilst I don’t think the whole ‘displaying your cutlery in a leopards head’ look is really my thing, this shelve totally is. If you’re going for the marble look in a kitchen then these are a must. So neat, clean and tidy and such a stylish way to showcase some of your nicer kitchen pieces.

Bohemia Dot Dash Wash Bags
Bohemia Design

Something a bit different to the usual furniture/homeware that makes it onto these list but I couldn’t help but fall in love with these wash bags. I think sometimes I forget that I can use simple items like this to pull colour themes/looks together. Usually I hate clutter and tend to store everything away but these beautiful bags certainly deserve to be seen!

Cuckooland Fab Hab Copenhagen Outdoor Rug in Grey

Now with being a garden novice I hadn’t really thought about the possibility of having an outdoor rug but it makes so much sense. What a lovely way to bring some purpose to a space and I love the cushions creating a little seating area! This brand have some lovely pattern and colours, something for everyone.

El Corte Inglés Decoración marble bathroom accessories
El Corte Inglés

More marble products…I think pieces like this are timeless and classic. These look so well made and I quite like that they are not the usual white/grey combo that we usually see.

monsoon dinnerware plates bowls
Monsoon at Denby

I am used to hearing the brand Denby spoken and automatically thinking of an older clientele. I’m not even sure that is accurate but in my experience I have only every known the older generations of my family to own Denby sets and therefore have not given the brand much thought before. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw these thinking they were from Monsoon but discovering they are in fact a collaboration with Denby. The colours are perfect, the design is beautiful (see below for close up) and you know the quality is going to be first class.

monsoon dinnerware plates
Monsoon at Denby


Sainsbury’s Home Everyday Luxury Bathroom
Sainsbury’s Home

Marble and brass might just be my new favourite combo. Now its no secret that myself and Ricky are fans of supermarket homeware and the new items coming out from Sainsbury’s Home at the moment is no exception. Do yourself a favour and head on over, spend some time and tell me you actually resisted buying something!

The Contemporary Home Set of Two Grey Flowers Round Storage
The Contemporary Home

I love the pattern and style of these laundry bags and think they have a lot to add to a room. This goes back to my previous point of forgetting the little touches in a room. Currently I have boring black, cheap laundry bags from Ikea because I didn’t think that they could make such a difference in a room. These, by the way, are an absolute steal at £12 for the set and they also do other sizes and shapes in the same pattern!

Anything caught your eye?

Until next time…

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