Stylish Reusable Coffee Cups

I’ve been wanting to buy a reusable coffee cup for a long time. Ever since Pret A Manger started offering a 50p discount when bringing in your own cup, I’ve been searching for a good looking reusable cup. There’s so many on offer with quite a few of them fairly ugly. Can you get an ugly cup? Most definitely!

If you’re also searching for a stylish reusable coffee cup, this post will be perfect for you. I’ve searched around online and discovered these stylish reusable coffee cups. They’re good looking, different to your average and most importantly, better than using a paper cup! Have you got one of these cups from my list? Let me know as I’m now debating which of these to buy!

Available in three sizes and five colours (Colour pictured: Batch) from £11

KeepCup Original

This is definitely one of my firm favourites. I’ve seen people using this and never actually got round to purchasing one (yet). This is the KeepCup in the colour Batch. It’s made from a fully tempered soda lime glass which will last a long time. Plus, being glass, it won’t absorb any flavours so your coffee will taste exactly how your barista intended it to be! I know this is one of Laura’s favourite reusable cups – I’m surprised she doesn’t already have one!

Available from the KeepCup website,

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup 12oz, RRP: £9.99

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup

The one annoying thing with taking a reusable cup out with you is having to carry it around. If you’re limited on space in your bag or simply don’t want to keep a cup in your hand, this collapsible cup will be perfect for you. Stojo has created this unique collapsible cup which makes it easier to store in your bag and even your pocket! It’s leak-proof, microwave safe, BPA free and at the end of its life, it can be fully recycled. It comes in a range of vibrant colours and holds 355ml of your favourite drink.

Available from Harvey Nichols, Amazon and various other retailers.

Joco Reusable Glass Cup 12oz, £24.95

Joco Reusable Glass Cup

Once again, glass seems to be a winner when it comes to coffee cups. The Joco cup is made from high quality, non-porous borosilicate glass (a type of glass which is highly resistant to thermal shock). There’s a thermal silicone sleeve which covers a large part of the exterior of the glass to keep your hands cool. It also features a one-way lid which helps stop coffee splashes when you’re on the go – great if you’re rushing between meetings!

Available from The Letteroom,

Aldi Cork Travel Cup
Cork Travel Cup, £3.50

Cork Travel Cup

Do you still like the style and feeling of the usual takeaway cup? This cup from Aldi is a classic looking cup, but with the added benefit of being reusable. It’s covered in eco-friendly cork which helps insulate and also keeps your hands cool. We can all relate to the phrase on the cup, right? This is a good reusable cup (at a bargain of £3.45) to pop in your basket next time you’re in Aldi! This is part of Aldi’s Specialbuy Spring Home range, so only available while stocks last.

Available online or in-store from Aldi, while stocks last,

Built 16Oz Pureflow Stainless Steel Tumbler Matt Black
Built 16Oz Pureflow Stainless Steel Tumbler, £14

Built Pureflow Stainless Steel Tumbler

This is a very unusual looking cup. Not only is it in a nice matte black finish, it has a very odd shape to it. The Built Pureflow Stainless Steel Tumbler has a unique 360-degree lid. With a simple 1/4 turn of the lid, you can start enjoying your beverage at any angle. It’s double walled, helping keep drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold drinks for up to 24 hours. Great to enjoy your iced coffee in summer!

Available online from Creative Tops,

I hope this round-up of stylish reusable coffee cups have helped you make a decision which reusable cup to purchase. I’m still yet to make up my mind, I might have to buy a few and try them all out properly.

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