The best realistic artificial Christmas trees for 2022

If you’re looking to find the most realistic artificial Christmas tree then I might have one perfect for you. Over the past decade, artificial Christmas trees have become better and better and gone are the days where they look just a little naff.

The most realistic-looking trees are those made out of PE and PVC. This mixture of materials is made in different ways, with the inner of the tree looking full and the branch tips looking extremely realistic. It gives the best of both worlds and also lowers the cost.

PVC is the standard type of artificial tree, it looks like loads of little strips of paper. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is fairly cheap to manufacture, so makes a tree look bushy, just don’t look at the branches up close. They won’t be realistic!

The magic is in the Polyethylene (PE) branches. These are 3D branches made by injecting the PE into a mould forming the shape. Many trees use moulds from real-life tree breeds, so you’ll see “Nordman Fir” “European Fir” etc in the names. These branches have been made using moulds from that particular type of tree. As the moulds can vary, each branch is unique.

Remember to add a few hanging tree-scented sticks to give it that real pine smell. I do this every year and always get questioned if my tree is real. Exactly what I want to hear!

7ft European Fir Artificial Christmas Tree, £129.99, White Stores

First up is this beautiful tree from White Stores. It has a mixture of PVC/PE branches and the magic percentage is 60% realistic branches – this is why this tree looks so good.

8ft Nordman Fir Artificial Christmas Tree, £368, B&Q

If you’ve got the space, this tree would look amazing in your lounge. Just look at it, it’s full and looks perfect. It features both PE and PVC branches to give it that realistic look.

6ft Grand Spruce Christmas Tree, £225, The White Company

This Christmas tree really is a beauty. The rustic look to it gives it that natural feel, with high-quality faux foliage and hand-painted branches. Even the styling of this tree looks brilliant, with fewer ornaments and more lights and foliage.

6ft Norway Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree, £135, Homebase

This huge bushy tree will easily be the centrepiece of your home this festive season. It features PE/PVC branches with 1,793 branch tips. Plenty of space to hang your favourite decorations on the tree.

3ft Pre-lit Potted Artificial Nordmann Fir Indoor/Outdoor, £69, Atkin & Thyme

If you’re looking for a small artificial Christmas tree to go in the hallway or outside, this Nordmann Fir from Atkin & Thyme will be perfect. It comes in a pot and is already fitted with warm white battery-powered lights. Meaning this little tree is suitable for many places in and outside your home.

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